If you are looking for a good property that you can turn into a rental one, you are in the right place as this page will redirect you to a fully furnished condo you will surely be thankful to have found out about. Yes, I am talking about a property in Mont Kiara that should not be missed by real estate investors. 

What’s so good about the property mentioned above? Feel free to check out below for more information:

  • Yes, it is just a condo but because it is fitted by the pros, you can say that its space is maximized that it still looks spacious enough. Yes, it does not appear cramped and can accommodate up to 3 people or a family with one child. Well, even if you have two kids, I think that place will still be comfortable as long as you are strategic in planning how to fit your things. 
  • The place spells elegance. The appliances are high end and well chosen. It is obvious that the one who fit the furniture is really a pro and knows what he’s doing. It seems that the chosen appliances are really made for the place where they are put. You can’t think of a better option once you see them. 
  • The kitchen is just spacious enough for one to do his work comfortably and you will even be surprised how everything just fits in its place. It looks like it is perfectly fitted so that every corner is maximized. 
  • The bathroom is well arranged as well. One should be able to do his thing inside it without feeling cramped. It comes with a divider so that the one taking a bath cannot bother if there is another one using the toilet bowl. It is obvious to see that it is really designed by a pro. 
  • The dining room as well as the living room is just in one room, but it still appears elegant, like it is not done so to save the space, but it is really what the designer wants. It does not look crowded, especially that the appliances are in trend and high end. For sure you will love to even use the condo or if you are looking for a tenant, you can find one easily by just showing the pictures or letting him check the unit. 
  • And lastly, the bedroom is well designed as well. nothing is mediocre with a king-sized bed that looks expensive. Well, the entire setup of the bedroom is actually luxurious like anyone who will live here will be comfortable and will feel the costly setup for sure. 

Indeed, the condo in Titiwangsa is something you should not miss as this is perfect, not only for rent in a monthly basis, but also as brb. Not only that, it is also great if you are planning to use it as it can surely make you well rested. 

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