How To Get Yourself A Job Right Out Of High School

Coming out of high school, we’re all confused about what we should do. There are some things you should know about life after high school. You’re finally 18 and you have a lot of free time, this is the time for you to get up and start building your experience for your resume. Not only that while learning how to navigate, you’ll also earn some money so that you can save and invest some of it. For the 6 months after high school and the entry before your collage, you’ll have time to grow and learn ideologies, most of your peers would not have thought. So here are some ways you can get a job right out of high school.

Most jobs given to 17–18-year-olds are usually sales or administration work. It’s easy and it won’t require a degree or even a diploma and anyone can do it. So, first, go to the nearest 7-11 from your home and ask them if they’re hiring at the moment. 7-11s are always hiring young people and especially part-timers, you can easily earn some cash there all while stocking items and cleaning the place up at first. Most of the time all you need is to fill out their paperwork and attend an interview. If you get the job, good on you and if you can’t that’s okay. You can try bigger supermarkets such as TESCO or AEON who have been looking for part timers too. We’ll encourage you to apply 6 months in advance as they take a long time to screen their applicants.

Next, is to join an best mlm software. This may sound like a joke but be patient. MLMs are pyramid schemes that we don’t encourage you to stay in. The market is always fluctuating and people are always trying to catch the next bait. However, if you are very desperate for a job, MLMs are a sure shot. They’re not strict with their requirements at all and all you need to do is take their courses and pass the exams and you can start selling away. If you’re not thrilled about doing it full-time, that’s okay. Many MLM sellers initially start of part time till they can find a steady consumer base for a stable income. Once they achieve that steady base, they can even recruit their own helpers to sell for them. Thus, the pyramid scheme. You can continue doing this MLM scheme even after you’ve joined a college because there’s still a market for it.

Finally, if all doesn’t interest you, you can work at fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are also asking for new employees. They pay a decent wage of about RM1200 per month with EPF and SOCSO. McDonald’s have been churning out chains this past MCO and you can see a rise in demand for McDonalds last year. If you work there, you can also enjoy some benefits such as free lunch or half priced lunch depending on the day. Next, you can also put this in your resume, if you’re working for a business degree in the future.

We hope our recommendations have inspired you high school students to get some experience and money while you’re still able to do things freely. By doing so you’re also proving to your parents that you’re now an independent child. Just don’t waste your money on unnecessary items that you don’t need. 

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The rise of online casinos in Malaysia during MCO

With COVID-19 becoming a more serious threat for each passing day, Malaysians continue to work from home while some were unfortunate as they were forced to let go by their companies, leaving them jobless and stripping away their only source of income. In addition to that, most Malaysians find themselves stuck at home watching videos on TV, Youtube or whatever video streaming sites to entertain yourself. For some adults, they would indulge themselves into gambling by visiting Genting Highlands as it is known for being the only landed casino that is legal and trusted by the government. But with COVID-19 becoming more threatening and MCO’s restriction becoming more stricter, how do these gamblers satisfy their cravings to gamble?

There’s where online casino sites come in, encouraging their fellow gamblers to spend their money in their comfort of their seats at home. These online casinos in Malaysia are frowned upon by the government as scammers can easily use this opportunity to scam gamblers with some of these illegal gambling were found happening even in quarantine sites. Online gambling, however, is not limited to only online casinos as there are cases of match-fixing in sport tournaments which led to the related athletes unable to participate in any future tournaments.

In a recent article published by Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), Andrea Domingo, who is the CEO and Chairperson of the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), said that Malaysia offered a ten-year tax moratorium if 30 percent of their employees consist of Malays. This goes against the teachings of the Quran which states that “gambling and alcohol are forbidden as they will destroy personal and family lives” – according to Huda from Learn Religious. Datuk Zahidi Zainal Abidin, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, highly discourage Muslims from participating in such activities as they will go against the teaching of the Quran. However, he also stated that other races, such as Chinese and Indians, are allowed to gamble due to Malaysia being known as a Muslim country which allows other races to have the free choice of gambling. 

Despite that, Malaysian gamblers managed to find a way around Malaysia’s law to satisfy their cravings for gambling without being affected by participating in online casino sites from overseas. This is due to smartphones allowing easy access to these sites that encourages gamblers to gamble on their sofa, on bed, during meals and many more. These online casinos have a beginner friendly program which allows first-time visitors to gamble on their sites with credits provided by them. Additionally, they provide cash withdrawal methods online which allows gamblers to easily withdraw their money to the appropriate currency to continue gambling without any worries. 

Overall, COVID-19 has restricted so much accessibility from the people that it is hard to keep themselves entertained while being limited with only the internet and their in-house objects. In some cases, some see this lockdown as an opportunity to do whatever they want by creating an online business to help others stuck in their homes, relaxing at home and spending more time with their families, learning new skills and many more. The pandemic might carry on for a long while, but we must carry on without indulging ourselves into illegal activities.

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Some Ways on How to Get a Mortgage as a First-Time Buyer

Purchasing a house is really a serious and a lifetime commitment. The process of looking for the best and perfect home that would surely fit you could be very exciting. Homeownership actually has many advantages. When you are a first-time home buyer and you purchase your first house, you would certainly be an entity of a community and know the feeling of owning a real house. But this is really not an easy task from the fact that you are just a first time home buyer. This article would help you become knowledgeable of the things you could take into consideration prior to purchasing your very first house.

Musts on How to Get a Loan

  • Know the actual value of the houses for sale in your community. You should make sure you would consider knowing the selling prices of the houses on your community or country for you to know if it is overpriced or not.
  • Make use of a Mortgage Calculator which you could accessibly use online so that you would be knowledgeable of your monthly loan bills.
  • Compute the total amount of your home expenses each month. This includes taxations and insurance. In other places, what you would give payment for your tax and insurance contract could mostly make your loan bills become doubled or higher. To be able to know how much you would give payment for an insurance, choose a house in a place wherein you desire to dwell and contact a local insurance employee or professional for them to compute your payment.
  • Know the possible amount of money you could potentially pay on closure. The advance payment value of having your house must never be disregarded.
  • Know your income and verify if your income perfectly fits on your desired house. Fannie Mae advises that first time home buyers should not spend above twenty-eight percent of their income just to pay their house value.

How to Start in Getting a Loan

  • Create your income plan
  • Comprehend your credit requirements and borrowing capability.
  • Study about your credit records, estimate your capability in paying bills and know if you could obtain a loan with the use of collateral like equity on your house.
  • Create a scheme to have your credit become ready if needed and build a fund.
  • Examine your earnings and your expenditures
  • Sum everything from your earnings and the advance payment resource.
  • Examine how much you could spend
  • Determine your bills each month using a mortgage payment calculator online to discover the amount of interest on your loan.
  • The overall amount you require the total of your initial payment and closure fees.
  • Closure fees and prepaid expenditures are as well very important in investing for a loan.

If you are now shopping for a property to buy, the ttdi condo for sale is a good option. There is also the apartment for sale kota kinabalu and apartment kota kinabalu that you might find perfect. Feel free to check them out! Stay tuned for more articles like this on our blog.

A Fully Furnished Condo in Mont Kiara

If you are looking for a good property that you can turn into a rental one, you are in the right place as this page will redirect you to a fully furnished condo you will surely be thankful to have found out about. Yes, I am talking about a property in Mont Kiara that should not be missed by real estate investors. 

What’s so good about the property mentioned above? Feel free to check out below for more information:

  • Yes, it is just a condo but because it is fitted by the pros, you can say that its space is maximized that it still looks spacious enough. Yes, it does not appear cramped and can accommodate up to 3 people or a family with one child. Well, even if you have two kids, I think that place will still be comfortable as long as you are strategic in planning how to fit your things. 
  • The place spells elegance. The appliances are high end and well chosen. It is obvious that the one who fit the furniture is really a pro and knows what he’s doing. It seems that the chosen appliances are really made for the place where they are put. You can’t think of a better option once you see them. 
  • The kitchen is just spacious enough for one to do his work comfortably and you will even be surprised how everything just fits in its place. It looks like it is perfectly fitted so that every corner is maximized. 
  • The bathroom is well arranged as well. One should be able to do his thing inside it without feeling cramped. It comes with a divider so that the one taking a bath cannot bother if there is another one using the toilet bowl. It is obvious to see that it is really designed by a pro. 
  • The dining room as well as the living room is just in one room, but it still appears elegant, like it is not done so to save the space, but it is really what the designer wants. It does not look crowded, especially that the appliances are in trend and high end. For sure you will love to even use the condo or if you are looking for a tenant, you can find one easily by just showing the pictures or letting him check the unit. 
  • And lastly, the bedroom is well designed as well. nothing is mediocre with a king-sized bed that looks expensive. Well, the entire setup of the bedroom is actually luxurious like anyone who will live here will be comfortable and will feel the costly setup for sure. 

Indeed, the condo in Titiwangsa is something you should not miss as this is perfect, not only for rent in a monthly basis, but also as brb. Not only that, it is also great if you are planning to use it as it can surely make you well rested. 

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How To Kickstart Your Blog With 3 Easy Steps

How To Kickstart Your Blog With 3 Easy Steps

Your lifetime dream as a blogger will make you contemplate whether it will be difficult from square one to the end. That is not the case at all. In fact, most businesses who started small have tremendously grown into one of the biggest names in the industry and their brands are also marketed well throughout the years. One of the beginner steps of expanding a brand, like having a website, can contribute a lot more than you think. See it as a root that will heightened its growth into a tree with healthy leaves of profits and good reputation. It is a lot easier than you can imagine, only that you have to exert more effort from here on out.

Or if you are willing to spend a little, you can ask for branding service in any branding agency to aid you in expanding your business brand with marketing and SEO to boost up your website ranking at the top of Google.

Unsure of where to start? Here are 4 easy steps that can help you kickstart your blogging career:

Brainstorm The Best Design For Your Blog

What is the niche of your content? And how would you imagine the color palette would be befitting of your brand? Is it a minimalist concept? Or maybe pastel or color block? Nevertheless, the visual appearance of the blog is one of the most important factors for your blogging career. Think of it like you’re going for an interview – you would definitely dress well to impress besides delivering your content. The layout, style and colours of your platform reflects the kind of brand you are, thus contributing to the readers’ first impressions whether they will come back for more or out of sheer curiosity. Readers alike are looking for something different that can feast their eyes, so technically, you need to take a considerate amount of energy to pique their interest for more exploration on your blog content.

Learn About SEO

It may not be familiar for starters, but it definitely gives you a little brain freeze. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to optimize search rankings for websites and blogs. Going into the real depth of SEO can benefit you to play with the variables that can construct your website – be it the words, codes, links and so on. You’ll never know if your brand is the first to pop up.

Build Your Audience

Decide what is your target audience. Middle aged women, children, young adults, men – depending on what kind of brand you’re selling, you need to be smart about who will most prominently make purchase of your brands the most? Maybe you are selling scarves and accessories for ladies, hence they will dig into your blog content for more information on your brand. Also, consider the best tags to choose for the published posts so as to attract other bloggers with similar interests to find your blog via the tag search, thus more audience engagement.

Here’s to more prosperity and success for your awesome blog!

The Things You Can Do With Internet

The Things You Can Do With Internet

It is crazy to think how back then our ancestors were living in a time where there was no technology and not the Internet. I mean how could they basically survive? Of course, they did, but I bet it was really tough, even though they had to wash their clothes using their own hands. They had to use a lot of energy, and time-consuming as well. Now, we have so many things around us. Our transports are all fully air-conditioned, you can even Bluetooth your phone connected to your car and play your favorite songs instead of listening to the radio. Our washing machine can be connected as well to our smartphones, so we get notifications of the problems or if it’s done working. But that is with technologies, how about the Internet?

We are all fully aware of the importance of the Internet. Yes, the Internet has helped us in so many ways. But do we fully utilize the existence of the Internet? I hardly think so. You see, the Internet can be used for many things including tutorials. Tutorials are practical teachings for us to learn certain things, such as software, applications, even for our smartphones, how to Do-It-Yourself at home, cooking tutorials, and etc. How crazy is that?

Apart from that, you can also use smart television which is the Smart TV and connect it to your Internet and you can enjoy watching Netflix on it or watching Youtube videos. You can also connect your Smart TV with your pendrive or phone through bluetooth. See? It gets easier, honestly the technologies have changed and transformed to just make everything easy for us. With these methods, you can play videos, moving images, songs, or maybe some movies you have downloaded in your pendrive to the Smart TV so everyone around you could enjoy it together.

Last but not least, the Internet makes your distance with your farthest families, closer, more closer than you think. Traditionally, people make calls and send mails to reach friends and families who live far away from them. Do you know how much money they spent on the calls? Especially the calls who live in another country. That is why we are advised to not take calls if the numbers are from different countries, because once we pick up, we would also have to pay for the amount of money based on how long we stayed in the call as well. Now the Internet is here, it has become easy for people to make calls and video calls. Back when Skype and Facebook were on trend, many people used it for video calls, now that every platform can make calls, the telco companies have made normal calls unlimited, so people just pay for the Internet now.

Hence, explaining why the Internet is so important because firstly, it is convenient, it is fast, it helps us in so many ways too. I do not think that anyone could ever change my mind on how I perceive the Internet, because how can they? Time home fibre Malaysia have listed so many benefits already. With the right type of Internet such as Time fibre internet, you can enjoy your Internet smoothly without any interruption, they also have the Time broadband package Malaysia, try and Time fibre, and see the difference.

Why Online Gambling is Dangerous

Online gaming platforms such as kiss918 have made gaming more available to gamblers, resulting in gambling problems becoming a big concern throughout the UK. Nowadays, people don’t need to hit a gaming casino or betting store – gambling can be accomplished from anywhere at any time. Websites for online casinos are rising exponentially because the cost of building up an internet enterprise is just part of what it would be to start up a typical institution of property development. There is little need for services such as gambling machines and tables and, thus, staffing levels are held to a minimum. Here are some of the negative effects of playing online casino games.

It’s not always about the player

It would be prudent to see what security measures they have in effect before you log in to an online casino. Not the security of the website, but the players’ instead. Many online casinos are poor in terms of security scheme. They have no system necessary to secure and assist players from excessive spending, causing lots of debt or slipping into gambling addiction, although their platform is stable.

Online casinos’ quick connectivity and minimal limitations make it possible for players to overspend. In order to avoid gambling addictions, there are several online casinos that offer profile sites, phone numbers and other alternatives, but very few actively enforce a fixed deposit cap or player security. Players have the option to use the knowledge they’ve given to support themselves.

In a way, the casino motivates ethical gaming because, on the other hand, the casino doesn’t do all that it should. Although you wouldn’t like someone to determine your choices for you as the player, there are moments that we all need somebody to say no to discourage us from wasting more than we can possibly afford. In the end, finding a reliable online casino that concerns more about you than the money you put is crucial.

Results being altered

Online gambling or just gambling in general is like playing a claw machine. Some industries are equal and the odds of winning are also 50/50. Some businesses may want to get as many as they can without necessarily handing away any prizes so they grease the claw machine and tamper with it to the point that no matter what tactic you’re using, you won’t ever be able to capture those cute soft toys.

There are a wide number of individuals who claim that through their online (and land-based) casino activities, online casinos do the same thing. They manipulate it so players are unable to get any major rewards regardless of how much they invest, pay or gamble. There’s a big risk that stuff like this might actually occur if you play at a fraud casino game. This is why, before you register at any online casino, it’s essential to do your homework and investigate the web.

The reality that all of these platforms have ‘free to play’ variations of their games, where players can play for virtual cash, is one of the main issues for online gaming. The probabilities will usually be in the player’s advantage when playing with imaginary money, and they can believe they will succeed with actual cash then. That being said, if actual money is being played, the chances will adjust and be in the benefit of the house.

Types Of IT Companies In Creating Websites

It is important to find the right company and to identify bad IT teams when starting your online store. Bad web design agencies are marked by cheap quality designing and development, supplying clients with inaccurate e-commerce solutions, missed time limits, and expensive project estimates. Working with the worst team could lead to missed deadlines, bad performance and productivity, and cost and resources wasting. There are important qualifications that you need to take into account in order to safeguard your business from possible errors.

The Categories of IT Companies

Below we share the category of IT companies on the basis of the facilities and programs they offer to their clients.

Template-based websites

Web design is a compilation of web sites in HTML. You can apply your text and photos to these pre-built web pages to start a site. Typically these websites are designed with CSS and HTML. The key benefit of these sites is that anybody can build up their website or buy online without the support of architects and programmers. This approach is also used by some programmers for web creation. With a template-based homepage, you could even inform the public about your company or facilities by ranking search results.   This strategy helps you to build a website or an online store with a small budget in a short period of time. However, if your online retailer has more than 100-1000 items, find Magento 2 interface designs.

Customized approaches

Some developers expertise in custom-built webpages. It implies that they can build a website from zero as per your specifications. The production process is complicated because it includes the study of the target market, the creation of unique features and design. Custom website production requires a large amount of time and budget. Nonetheless, a custom website is an ideal option for established brands and large organizations that want to give users a better encounter.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites enable companies to sell products or services online. Online shops may operate on existing applications or be custom-built. Within the IT sector, businesses concerned mainly with the production of online stores are called e-commerce companies. Their expertise can include a variety of e-commerce sites, merchant accounts, and other online shopping strategies.

An online business can grant core functions including a shopping basket, brochure, and electronic payment, or include more complicated implementations such as social networking sites, CRM or online commerce functionalities, and so forth. It requires a longer effort to generate e-commerce websites, even templates, compared to the usual sites. Why?  Because the group adds a product catalog and checks all the equipment to make sure that the online shop is bug-free

Full-service agencies

Full-service companies are made up of many divisions. In that end, they have a wide range of services. A traditional full-service organization includes the production, design, maintenance, and QA divisions. Through this way, they can build not only a webpage but also layout, mobile apps, and custom functionality with additional management. So, the user gets an all-in-one solution. It is more advantageous for future webmasters to work with such a full-service team than to handle the process flow of a work-alone development team and artist. 

Employing a full-service team is highly-priced. Nevertheless, this is justified as a number of experts are continuing to work on your future webpage.

Is it Appropriate to Have a Personal Brand?

Last week I received an email from a boutique owner with a very good question about personal branding. And because I (Kathleen here – hi!) secretly want to be a proper advice columnist I thought I’d share the original questions and my response here.

This isn’t just about communication with others.

Rhiannon had some really great questions and this is an issue that is applicable not only to creative entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily want to be front and center when it comes to their brand – but also to larger organizations that aren’t necessarily led by a single personality.

That said, I believe it is always appropriate to have a personal brand. First let’s define what it means to have a personal brand. Here at Braid Creative we believe a personal brand is simply blending who you are into the work that you do.

This means your personal values will show up in your business mission. It means that you get to connect the dots between your expertise and your hobbies. It means that your personality is an asset to your bottom line – the thing that makes you “weird” can be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors and attracts your dream customer! And most importantly, it means that your work is creatively fulfilling on a personal level.


How to Build Branded Photography Studio?

Here at Braid, we obviously appreciate good branding – from articulate messaging to a consistent look & feel. Brand “polish” happens when your typography, layout, and color themes are consistent across platforms – and one of the biggest opportunities you have in making an impactful first impression is cohesive brand photography.

This isn’t just about communication with others.

Branded photography can help set the tone and make a good first impression – and it can reassure and build trust with your potential customers because you’re showing them what they can expect when they hire or buy from you.

I know, I know! Just the words “stock photography” conjure up images of very happy and very white middle-aged couples walking along the beach with a glass of wine in hand.

In this article we’re going to cover the basics of what you need to know when it comes to creating and utilizing your own brand photography. But trust, stock photography has come a long way and with a curatorial eye you can find beautiful and diverse imagery that sets the tone for your brand.