Coming out of high school, we’re all confused about what we should do. There are some things you should know about life after high school. You’re finally 18 and you have a lot of free time, this is the time for you to get up and start building your experience for your resume. Not only that while learning how to navigate, you’ll also earn some money so that you can save and invest some of it. For the 6 months after high school and the entry before your collage, you’ll have time to grow and learn ideologies, most of your peers would not have thought. So here are some ways you can get a job right out of high school.

Most jobs given to 17–18-year-olds are usually sales or administration work. It’s easy and it won’t require a degree or even a diploma and anyone can do it. So, first, go to the nearest 7-11 from your home and ask them if they’re hiring at the moment. 7-11s are always hiring young people and especially part-timers, you can easily earn some cash there all while stocking items and cleaning the place up at first. Most of the time all you need is to fill out their paperwork and attend an interview. If you get the job, good on you and if you can’t that’s okay. You can try bigger supermarkets such as TESCO or AEON who have been looking for part timers too. We’ll encourage you to apply 6 months in advance as they take a long time to screen their applicants.

Next, is to join an best mlm software. This may sound like a joke but be patient. MLMs are pyramid schemes that we don’t encourage you to stay in. The market is always fluctuating and people are always trying to catch the next bait. However, if you are very desperate for a job, MLMs are a sure shot. They’re not strict with their requirements at all and all you need to do is take their courses and pass the exams and you can start selling away. If you’re not thrilled about doing it full-time, that’s okay. Many MLM sellers initially start of part time till they can find a steady consumer base for a stable income. Once they achieve that steady base, they can even recruit their own helpers to sell for them. Thus, the pyramid scheme. You can continue doing this MLM scheme even after you’ve joined a college because there’s still a market for it.

Finally, if all doesn’t interest you, you can work at fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are also asking for new employees. They pay a decent wage of about RM1200 per month with EPF and SOCSO. McDonald’s have been churning out chains this past MCO and you can see a rise in demand for McDonalds last year. If you work there, you can also enjoy some benefits such as free lunch or half priced lunch depending on the day. Next, you can also put this in your resume, if you’re working for a business degree in the future.

We hope our recommendations have inspired you high school students to get some experience and money while you’re still able to do things freely. By doing so you’re also proving to your parents that you’re now an independent child. Just don’t waste your money on unnecessary items that you don’t need. 

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