With COVID-19 becoming a more serious threat for each passing day, Malaysians continue to work from home while some were unfortunate as they were forced to let go by their companies, leaving them jobless and stripping away their only source of income. In addition to that, most Malaysians find themselves stuck at home watching videos on TV, Youtube or whatever video streaming sites to entertain yourself. For some adults, they would indulge themselves into gambling by visiting Genting Highlands as it is known for being the only landed casino that is legal and trusted by the government. But with COVID-19 becoming more threatening and MCO’s restriction becoming more stricter, how do these gamblers satisfy their cravings to gamble?

There’s where online casino sites come in, encouraging their fellow gamblers to spend their money in their comfort of their seats at home. These online casinos in Malaysia are frowned upon by the government as scammers can easily use this opportunity to scam gamblers with some of these illegal gambling were found happening even in quarantine sites. Online gambling, however, is not limited to only online casinos as there are cases of match-fixing in sport tournaments which led to the related athletes unable to participate in any future tournaments.

In a recent article published by Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), Andrea Domingo, who is the CEO and Chairperson of the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), said that Malaysia offered a ten-year tax moratorium if 30 percent of their employees consist of Malays. This goes against the teachings of the Quran which states that “gambling and alcohol are forbidden as they will destroy personal and family lives” – according to Huda from Learn Religious. Datuk Zahidi Zainal Abidin, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, highly discourage Muslims from participating in such activities as they will go against the teaching of the Quran. However, he also stated that other races, such as Chinese and Indians, are allowed to gamble due to Malaysia being known as a Muslim country which allows other races to have the free choice of gambling. 

Despite that, Malaysian gamblers managed to find a way around Malaysia’s law to satisfy their cravings for gambling without being affected by participating in online casino sites from overseas. This is due to smartphones allowing easy access to these sites that encourages gamblers to gamble on their sofa, on bed, during meals and many more. These online casinos have a beginner friendly program which allows first-time visitors to gamble on their sites with credits provided by them. Additionally, they provide cash withdrawal methods online which allows gamblers to easily withdraw their money to the appropriate currency to continue gambling without any worries. 

Overall, COVID-19 has restricted so much accessibility from the people that it is hard to keep themselves entertained while being limited with only the internet and their in-house objects. In some cases, some see this lockdown as an opportunity to do whatever they want by creating an online business to help others stuck in their homes, relaxing at home and spending more time with their families, learning new skills and many more. The pandemic might carry on for a long while, but we must carry on without indulging ourselves into illegal activities.

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