The Things You Can Do With Internet

It is crazy to think how back then our ancestors were living in a time where there was no technology and not the Internet. I mean how could they basically survive? Of course, they did, but I bet it was really tough, even though they had to wash their clothes using their own hands. They had to use a lot of energy, and time-consuming as well. Now, we have so many things around us. Our transports are all fully air-conditioned, you can even Bluetooth your phone connected to your car and play your favorite songs instead of listening to the radio. Our washing machine can be connected as well to our smartphones, so we get notifications of the problems or if it’s done working. But that is with technologies, how about the Internet?

We are all fully aware of the importance of the Internet. Yes, the Internet has helped us in so many ways. But do we fully utilize the existence of the Internet? I hardly think so. You see, the Internet can be used for many things including tutorials. Tutorials are practical teachings for us to learn certain things, such as software, applications, even for our smartphones, how to Do-It-Yourself at home, cooking tutorials, and etc. How crazy is that?

Apart from that, you can also use smart television which is the Smart TV and connect it to your Internet and you can enjoy watching Netflix on it or watching Youtube videos. You can also connect your Smart TV with your pendrive or phone through bluetooth. See? It gets easier, honestly the technologies have changed and transformed to just make everything easy for us. With these methods, you can play videos, moving images, songs, or maybe some movies you have downloaded in your pendrive to the Smart TV so everyone around you could enjoy it together.

Last but not least, the Internet makes your distance with your farthest families, closer, more closer than you think. Traditionally, people make calls and send mails to reach friends and families who live far away from them. Do you know how much money they spent on the calls? Especially the calls who live in another country. That is why we are advised to not take calls if the numbers are from different countries, because once we pick up, we would also have to pay for the amount of money based on how long we stayed in the call as well. Now the Internet is here, it has become easy for people to make calls and video calls. Back when Skype and Facebook were on trend, many people used it for video calls, now that every platform can make calls, the telco companies have made normal calls unlimited, so people just pay for the Internet now.

Hence, explaining why the Internet is so important because firstly, it is convenient, it is fast, it helps us in so many ways too. I do not think that anyone could ever change my mind on how I perceive the Internet, because how can they? Time home fibre Malaysia have listed so many benefits already. With the right type of Internet such as Time fibre internet, you can enjoy your Internet smoothly without any interruption, they also have the Time broadband package Malaysia, try and Time fibre, and see the difference.